Audit of New High School Utilities


At a Special Council Meeting on April 30, the Lago Vista City Council received a report and subsequently approved the audit on the City constructed water and wastewater improvements in support of the new Lago Vista High School. The audit, provided for in the 2012 agreement between the City and LVISD, was conducted by ACC Consulting of San Antonio and was selected by LVISD. 


The City agreed to construct these improvements, primarily with City forces, in an effort to save the school district money.  These improvements included a new 16” water line; a new lift station and 4” wastewater force main; a new 8” wastewater force main and a new elevated water tank. 


The 2012 agreement provided for:

  • $1,574,919 from LVISD for water and wastewater improvements
  • $283,400 from the City for water and wastewater improvements
  • $324,919 from the City to LVISD for use of school facilities as parks for City residents


City crews actually constructed a good portion of the water and wastewater improvements, constructed the fire loop and other miscellaneous infrastructure such as setting fire hydrants.  The City also did not charge for the cost of the permit of $34,000.  This resulted in the City saving LVISD $238,715 in actual construction costs.   The City also contributed $283,400 to help off-set the cost of some of the water and wastewater improvements 


Finally, the City contributed $324,919 to help off-set the cost of school facilities such as the tennis court and ballfield for use as parks for City residents.  In support of the new High School development the City’s total contribution was $847,034!


As a final action, the City is refunding $48,532 to LVISD.  This refund is outlined in the agreement where it states that if the costs of the water and wastewater projects should require less funds than budgeted, LVISD shall be immediately refunded the corresponding amount by the City.


The City’s partnership with LVISD helped achieve the community’s vision of a new state-of-the-art high school complex.