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City of Lago Vista Announces New City Manager


The City of Lago Vista is excited to announce that Mr. Joshua W. Ray has been chosen to serve as its next City Manager. Ray will be coming to Lago Vista from Aztec, NM, where he has served as City Manager from 2010 to present. Previous to that, Ray held positions as City Manager, Town Manager, and Management Consultant for cities in North Carolina where he received his Master of Public Affairs degree at Western Carolina University at the top of his class.


Ray is interested in providing effective, progressive leadership and instilling a culture of trust in local government by its citizens.


Mayor Dale Mitchell said, "We are very happy to have Josh join us as our new City Manager. We believe that his past successes have proven him to be a manager with considerate insight and energy. He will be a terrific fit with our staff and the entire community, and we look forward to his capable management style that will lead Lago Vista into the exciting years to come."


Joshua (Josh) Ray is expected to take office in mid-November.