Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission Awards $500k local matching grant to City of Lago Vista.


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has awarded a $500,000 local matching grant (Non-Urban Outdoor Recreation Grant) to the City of Lago Vista. Our separate $500,000 (50%) portion was a land match to the State’s $500,000 (50%) cash award; no matching funds were necessary on our side.


This Grant will assist in the creation of a 33.33 acre community park along FM1431 to the immediate east of the Tessera on Lake Travis Development. This proposed community park will eventually include youth soccer fields, sand volleyball, softball and baseball field, playground with sun shade, trails, softball fields, and picnic tables.


The proposed park project will provide 10.12 acres of open space within the 33.33 acres. It is located in a heavily wooded secluded area at the northern end of the project between the recreation areas and FM 1431.  The abundant Open Space will provide a wealth of opportunities for low impact recreation as well as educational opportunities related to conservation and area wildlife.


Money for the Grant comes from a portion of the sporting goods sales tax through the Texas Recreation & Parks Account and the Texas Large County & Municipality Recreation & Parks Account. Additional money comes from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. Congress appropriates program funding each year. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is the pass-through agency for local governments in Texas.


For more information, contact David Harrell, Development Services Director, at dharrell@lago-vista.org or direct at 512-527-3540.