Mayor Dale Mitchell Bids a Fond Farewell As He Leaves Office


      It has been both an honor and a pleasure to have served as Lago Vista’s Mayor during the last two years. The City was fortunate to have two accredited City Managers provide leadership during my time in office - City Manager, Melissa Vossmer, present from the start of my Mayorship through February 2017, and Interim City Manager, Kenneth Reneau, from then until this month. Both diligently concentrated on assessing the needs of the community, establishing plans, and managing implementation of needed projects. Additionally, there has been much accomplished with the help of the City Council by analyzing and approving those needed improvements. And much reliance is placed on the competent, dedicated personnel that Lago Vista employs that lead to maintaining the quality of life that we citizens enjoy.

     Lago Vista is unique in that we have had thoughtful, caring people precede us that essentionally built the City from scratch over the last 40 plus years. We are so thankful for those that continue to volunteer to serve on the City commissions, boards and committees, the members of the service clubs and churches, the various organizations supporting the LVISD and youth sports, the music and theatrical community, the “Friends” organizations, and the Chamber of Commerce’s support of the business community.

     We are especially proud of the continued success of the City’s main events, Lago Fest, 4th Of July, and the Christmas Tree Lighting, that are produced by the cooperative efforts of the City of Lago Vista, the Lago Vista Property Owners’ Association, the Lago Vista and Jonestown Chamber of Commerce, and the countless volunteers required to accomplish such events.

     It is inevitable that there will be growth in the community when several developments are re-energized along with the continued addition of homes in the traditional sections of Lago Vista. These additional residents will support more growth in desired services and amenities. The challenge of managing the growth will fall on the new City Manager, Josh Ray, the newly elected Mayor, and potentially new council members when they begin their positions in the 3rd week of this month. I wish them much success.


God bless!

Dale "Mitch" Mitchell


The following is a partial listing of the assessment, planning, and implementation successes the City has had during the last two fiscal years:

  • Approved the 2030 Comprehensive Plan
  • Implemented pro-active Code Enforcement system
  • Brought Water Treatment Plant #3 on-line
  • Funded and staffed a professional Communications and Marketing Supervisor essential to enhancing (1) City communication methods and outlets; and, (2) marketing Lago Vista's features to the general public.
  • Initiated rehab and expansion of Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Obtained “Safe Routes To Schools” grant (sidewalks at middle school)
  • Updated Water/Sewer Rate Study
  • Completed first ever Water Master Plan
  • Retained AA financial rating
  • Completed first ever Streets Maintenance Plan and Recommendations
  • Approved Airport Action Plan
  • Approved revisions to Subdivision Ordinance
  • Issued $8M in 2017 bonds to fund infrastructure and parks improvements
  • Completed 3 successive years of Employee Compensation Plan
  • Appointed Parks & Recreation Committee
  • Continued Firewise implementation
  • Obtained $500k matching grant for new City park
  • Brought City’s 1670AM radio station on-line
  • Decommissioned Water Treatment Plant #2
  • Increased operating reserves from $1.84M (61 days) to $3.12M (89 days)
  • Maintained $0.65/100 valuation ad valorem tax rate