Meet Our Librarian Assistant - Louise A. Morris


Our staff members and volunteers who work at City Hall and other Ctiy departments often have very interesting stories and backgrounds. Sometimes even tidbits we never knew of! We'd love for you to meet them here. They work hard for the City and for you - our community, friends and neighbors. Welcome to the another in the series of Meet Our Staff.


Louise A. Morris, Librarian Assistant


I moved to Lago Vista, TX in 2004 from San Diego, CA.  After settling in to our home overlooking Lake Travis, I volunteered at the Lago Vista Public Library and became an employee ten years ago. It is a pleasure to work at the library with a top-notch staff and the patrons are like family. My husband is also involved as President of Friends of the Library. 


Having 5 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, life is never dull.


I look forward to Spring and the Bluebonnets each year!