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Elected Officials

The City Council serves as the legislative and governing body of the City of Lago Vista. City Council provides and administers a number of services, including  controlling and maintaining the City’s finances, property, functions, services, affairs and programs in accordance with the City Charter adopted by the citizens of Lago Vista.

The Council consists of a Mayor and six Council Members. Both the Mayor and Council Members are elected officials, with Council Members serving  two year terms. Members of the Council serve without pay or compensation.

The executive power of Lago Vista is vested in the Mayor, who is recognized as the head of the city for legal and ceremonial purposes. The Mayor works closely with the Council to obtain legislation in the public interest, and with the City Manager to ensure that the legislation is enforced.

The Mayor presides over all Council Meetings and provides the leadership necessary to ensure and enact good government. The Mayor Pro Tem is elected by the Council and acts as Mayor during his absence.

Additional Duties

In addition to their regular duties as on the Council, elected members serve as liaisons on the various appointed City boards and committees. Additionally, Council members serve as representatives or liaisons to a number of area, regional, and state organizations.

  • City Hall   |   512.267.1155   |   5803 Thunderbird Drive   |   Hours 7am-6pm Monday-Thursday
  • Police Department   |   512.267.7141   |   5901 Municipal Complex Way
  • Lago Vista Public Library   |   512.267.3868   |   5803 Thunderbird, Ste. 40
  • Lago Vista Golf Course   |   512.267.1170   |   4616 Rimrock Drive
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