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Water Quality Update

Water Quality Update Image

The City of Lago Vista water treatment and distribution system is currently operating under normal procedures and conditions. Our staff has successfully maintained drinking water quality standards throughout this flood event.

City staff has been working non-stop to maintain a balance on the way our treatment plants operate in anticipation of the unusually high silt and organic filled water in our lake. We continue to make hourly and daily chemical readings at our plants and around town to make sure our residents receive clean water.

 The safe drinking turbidity level is set at 0.03 NTU. The lake water at Treatment Plant-1 has a turbidity of 3.5 NTU and the plant clears that water to a 0.03 NTU. Likewise, at Treatment Plant-3, the water in the lake is at 1.2 NTU and the plant is treating that to also 0.03 NTU.

The City will continue to monitor our quality and will update our Citizens if any additional action is needed.

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