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Street Rehabilitation Project to Begin Repaving on Three Streets Early Friday Morning, January 16, 2019

The City's 2019 Street Rehabilitation Project begins Friday, January 18, 2019.  Street repairs on six streets in different areas of town in two Phases.

Phase 1:
Three of the streets are scheduled to be paved on Friday, January  18, 2019. The streets to be repaved are:
  • Bullet Cove
  • Bluff Ridge Trail
  • Bluff Ridge Cove
The paving will start early in the morning on Friday. The City asks residents of that area to please remove any vehicles from the street the night before (Thursday, January 15th,) and any materials stored in the street.

City staff will perform some minimal maintenance on ditches and roadway clearing ahead of the scheduled paving.

Phase 2:
Three other streets are scheduled to be repaved by the end of the month. These include:
  • Owens Lane
  • Owens Cove
  • Orwell Cove

Please understand that our contractor will do everything possible to ensure your continued access to and from your property.  However, there may be times when complete access could be an issue.  We ask that if any such instances occur, please talk to the contractor prior to the time that you need to leave your property.

If you have any questions or concerns about these projects, please contact City Manager, Josh Ray, at 512.267.1155 or

  • City Hall   |   512.267.1155   |   5803 Thunderbird Drive   |   Hours 7am-6pm Monday-Thursday
  • City of Lago Vista Public Works Department | 512.599.4179
  • Police Department   |   512.267.7141   |   5901 Municipal Complex Way
  • Lago Vista Public Library   |   512.267.3868   |   5803 Thunderbird, Ste. 40
  • Lago Vista Golf Course   |   512.267.1170   |   4616 Rimrock Drive
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