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Reschedule Hearing

If you are found to be in violation of any the City of Lago Vista Laws and/or Regulations, you may choose to contest your citation with a hearing.

In the event you cannot appear for your scheduled hearing, you may request to reschedule. Your request must be a document that  contains your signature, citation number and your reason for the reschedule request.  Defendant is allowed one reset, must be in writing, 48 hours prior to court date.  Any subsequent request will be submitted to the judge for approval. Contact City Hall for more information at (512) 267-9419.

  • City Hall   |   512.267.1155   |   5803 Thunderbird Drive   |   Hours 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday
  • Public Works Department  |  512.267.1993
  • Utility Billing: Information on water, sewer, and trash accounts  |  512.267.1155
  • Development Services: Code compliance, permits, new water/sewer estimates  |  512.267.5259
  • Police Department   |   512.267.7141   |   5901 Municipal Complex Way
  • Lago Vista Public Library   |   512.267.3868   |   5803 Thunderbird, Ste. 40
  • Lago Vista Golf Course   |   512.267.1170   |   4616 Rimrock Drive
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