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GIS Services

The City of Lago Vista established a GIS unit within the Development Services department in 2009 in order to maintain and support an accurate digital map and geo-referenced City data, as well as to develop tools, services, and applications upon the data to better leverage this investment.  

The GIS unit was moved to the IT department as geospatial data is used throughout The City government to support operations, planning, data analysis, policy making, and public safety.

City Limits Zoning Map Future Land Use Map
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 Full purpose limits for the City of Lago Vista  Zoning is a tool with which the City promotes the health, safety, property, and general welfare of the residents of Lago Vista.  Consideration is given to the character of the City and its environs and its peculiar uses with a view to conserving the value of buildings and encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the municipality Future Land Use is developed as part of the City's comprehensive plan and serves as a long range planning tool and guide for zoning requests
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