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Ed Tidwell

Lago Vista:

I was born in Lovington, NM August 24th, 1964.  I moved to Austin in August 1970.  I attended AISD and RRISD; graduating from Westwood HS in 1982.  I studied Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University.  I joined the USMC/Reserves in August 1984 and retired from the Marines in 2010 as a 1stSgt of Marines.  I have worked part-time as a rescue diver/firefighter for the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series since 1999.  I joined the Austin Fire Department in June 1995 and hope to retire no later than December 2026.

I married Kathryn Skurupey in June 2006.  I have raised eight children and all have attended LVISD.  I have three step children, two foster kids, two kids of my own, and one exchange student (so far).

I worked for the State Legislature as an intern for a Representative in 2009.  I ran for Governor in 2010.  I was originally elected to the LV City Council in November 2012.  I served two non-consecutive terms as a council member before being elected to Mayor.  I truly believe that my calling in life has been to serve my fellow American.  I take great pride in being a Marine, a Firefighter, and your Mayor.

I love animals and being active and outdoors.  You can see me running the streets of Lago prepping for my over age 55 marathon I plan to complete in the winter of 2019/2020.  I grow my own vegetables and fruits.  I have a small farm with livestock.  I have two Longhorns as pets.  I have several dogs and cats.  I also serve the youth of our community by running a 4-H Club; which if you aren’t aware is an Agriculture related youth organization.  I love boating, fishing, skiing, and scuba diving our beautiful lake.

I try to be as involved as I can in my community.  I am a member of the Lion’s Club, the VFW, the American Legion, and I substitute at the schools when time allows.  I volunteer to assist any group that I can from the youth leagues to the Women’s Club; not because I am the Mayor but because this is our city.  I am a member of Trinity Anglican Church and volunteer my time there as often as possible either as a member of the security team or as a teacher in youth Sunday school.  I even work in the Nursery.

I believe in our City brand “Live Like You’re on Vacation” and my personal slogan that I have adopted is “Who are we and what do we want”.  Although I am the figure head, I look at this as your/our city.  Therefore, what you want is what we want.  My campaign platform will always be “Vision, Planning, and Communication”.  It is my job to open up the lines of communication and transparency; It is your and the council members job to provide me with vision; and it is the job of the City Council and Staff to plan and execute your visions.

I not only enjoy but look forward to meeting and speaking with everyone in the City.  Between my “Talking Topics with Tidwell Town Hall Meetings” and my presence on social media sites, I am very accessible and open to your questions and criticisms.  I am working to increase the communication in the City by starting a Youth Advisory Committee, a Young Families Advisory Board, and a Community Outreach Program in addition to the various committees and boards that assist the council on a technical basis.

There is a ton of potential in this community and I hope to bring it out.  I can’t do it alone.  Join me in the pursuit of what we want so that we can live like we are on vacation.


Ed Tidwell

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